Privacy Policy

   1) Optical Logic Inc. (hereafter referred to as "OPTL") will collect, use, or hold
     personal information within the ambits of the necessity for business activities,
     employment, or personnel management.

   2) The purpose of handling and collecting personal information is clearly identified
     on the Web site of OPTL and the information is used only for the scope of
     that purpose.

   3) Personal information held by OPTL is not provided or disclosed to any third party
     outside OPTL without the consent of the person or a legal requirement to do so.

   4) Appropriate measures are adopted so as to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration
     or leaking of the personal information.

   5) OPTL complies with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the handling of
     personal information, and strives to ensure that all employees understand the
     importance of protecting personal informaton.