A patent specialist analyzes patent information in the market as soon as possible
      and offers an accurate patent strategy.
     We develop products according to what the customer needs.

     We design what the customer needs with patent application and
      prevention of piracy in mind

       A variety of zoom lenses for security system, camcorder, digital camera, etc.
       Microscope for inspection of LC panel, illuminational equipment and photographic equipment
       Special lens system for FA, measuring equipment, etc.
 (fθlens, microscope lens, optical interfererence system, telecentric optical system, etc.)
       Lens for mobile phone (fixed focus lens, zoom lens)
       Ultra wide lens for vehicle, fish-eye lens
       Biometrix system, etc

     With a good combination of optical designers and mechanical designers,
     we design products with maximum optical performance.

       Precision mechanism design
       Technical development for structual elements
       Barrel design
       Prototype production and evaluation

Please feel free to contact us about any optical inquiry.

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